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Angel - Scented Stone
Angel - Scented Stone
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Scented plaster stone. Angel shaped. Fragrance: Bergamot, clover, freesia, rockrose, tuberose, vetiver.

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Decorative French brocante jam jar with angel shaped scented plaster stones.
The protective lid is covered with a decorative cotton fabric and sealed with a carmine ribbon and a label.

To allow the natural fragrance to spread into your home, remove the lid or put the scented plaster stones in your linen closet, your bathroom, your car or in the bedroom.

Fragrance Poudre Divine: Bergamot, clover, freesia, rockrose, tuberose, vetiver.

The scented plaster stones are infused with home fragrance, made from organic grain alcohol and perfume extract from Grasse.

Dimensions jam jar: 8,5 (h) x 8 (w) cm. (3.3 x 3.1 inch)
Content: 250 gram. (8.8 oz.)
Perfume concentration: 14%.

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