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Arleris scented wa.. Item no.: 16
Arleris scented wax melts: 3 tins with the same fragrance. Choo..
€ 25,00
per piece
Arc en Terre Red Item no.: 916R
Red incense burner with tin can of Arleris scented wax melts. C..
€ 29,00
per piece

Our stylish incense burners 'Arc en Terre' are made of enameled pottery. They come together with a tin can of Arleris: scented wax melts made from 100% organic Ecocert certified vegetable wax, and perfume extract from Grasse.

Place one or two 'Arleris' on the stainless steel dish, without adding water. Put a tea light in the incense burner and light it: the Arleris will melt and release their aromatic perfume and fill the room with its delicious scent.

The Arc en Terre has been designed exclusively for Le Bel Aujourd'hui and is available in 8 different colors.

One Arleris wax melt will release its fragrance for about an hour; one tin can will contain approximately 25 wax melts. The Arleris are sold per 3 boxes.

You can choose from over 20 fragrances.

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