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Arleris scented wax melts - 3 tins
Arleris scented wax melts - 3 tins
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COMPOSITION: Myrrh, musk and amber ( 1643)

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Arleris are wax melts saturated with perfume. They are packed in small metals tins. Every tin contains 20 Arleris, made of organic, vegetable wax which is Ecocert certified.

An Arleris, in the shape of a heart, square, clover or a cone, will release a delightful smell for about an hour. The color of the Arleris depends on the concentration of perfume being used. Artisanal production. Model deposed.

We advise to use the Arc en Terre incense burner, which is specifically designed to evenly spread the fragrance in the natural wax.

Packaging: 3 cans of Arleris with the same fragrance.

Dimensions: 1.2 x 1.6 inch
Burn time: approx. 20 hours per can

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tonny - 07-02-2016 22:13

Wijvinden de geurtjes van jullie bestlekker ruiken in de huiskamer
Maar vinden het jammer dat het hier niet meer te koop is

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